Help for the E-Shop


Please fill in all fields and send this information to us. After entering your data, you will receive an e-mail from us with a link that you must use to confirm your registration. If you have any questions or problems during registration, please send an e-mail to

Customer number

You will find your 5-digit customer number at the top right of the title page of spare parts quotations or spare parts order confirmations. These are the first five digits (e.g. 61234) of a 5- or 10-digit number.


Please enter your desired password here. The password must be at least 8 characters long. The password is case-sensitive. Ideally, a password should be a combination of upper and lower case as well as special characters and numbers. During registration, the password must be entered a second time and will be confirmed.

Salutation / First name / Last name / Company

Please enter your first and last name and the name of your company. We need this information if, for example, we have questions about your order.

E-mail address

Please enter your valid e-mail address. All e-mails to you will be sent to this e-mail address.

After we have checked your registration data, we will activate you for the use of the e-shop. As a rule, the activation will be carried out by us within 1 working day.


As soon as you have completed your e-shop registration and your account has been activated by us, you can log into the shop in the LOGIN window.

You only have to enter the e-mail and the password defined during your registration.

Display of spare parts

Spare parts can be found in the classification structure on the left or with the search function.
Please click on a category on the left (padder, entry, fabric transport system etc.) to show the corresponding spare parts or the sub-categories.

Each spare part is shown with a photograph. In addition, the exact designation and the identification code of the part, the availability and the current price are indicated.

For some parts we have included a recommendation which parts should be exchanged additionally.

A search is possible according to the spare parts name or the identification code.

Our e-shop comprises standard spare parts which can be made available expressly from our stock. Please inform us if you have not found a part. We will then check whether our e-shop can be amplified.

With the function “Select an order no.” the number of displayed spare parts is delimited. When choosing a machine number from the list, only those spare parts are shown which are comprised in the selected machine.

When you do not choose a machine number, all spare parts in our e-shop are shown. Please select a machine number only if you want to show or search the spare parts only for this machine. The parts categories on the left will be re-structured. The selection is applicable until you select another machine number or the field "Shwo all".

Note: For some older machines we have not stored all corresponding spare parts as data record, therefore not all spare parts will be indicated. Please try to find the spare parts with the field "Show all".

Spare parts search

Please enter a search word (parts designation) or an article identification code. You may enter also word parts or only some digits. You can enter the article number with or without hyphen.