The life cycle of a BRÜCKNER line is generally 20–30 years, in some cases even longer and is thus quite a long-term and forward-looking investment. During this period many changes may occur in the production environment which may diminish your competitivity:

  • the requirements in view of the line performance change
  • new market conditions require a more precise finishing of the articles
  • increasing energy and production costs do increasingly affect the price of the finished product
  • changed environmental specifications have to be respected

In such cases it is not always required to invest in a new line. Selective modernisations and / or extensions of an existing BRÜCKNER line allow technical and technological benefits, too. Their implementation will not only provide for cost and time advantages but they do clearly add to an optimization of the performance.

We offer you pre-defined upgrade kits for this purpose which are well adapted for certain line types and are proven and tested many times in practise. Individual modernisations are of course also possible.

Please find below our upgrade kits: 

Upgrade Kits

Retrofitting VDV2 – 3 weeks in 2 minutes


Retrofitting of a pre dryer – 1 week in 2 minutes

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Head of Modernisations & Upgrade Sales
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