POWER-RELAX RX3 Relaxation dryer

POWER-RELAX RX3 Relaxation dryer

The RX3 is particularly energy-efficient thanks to its air-through zone and offers maximum production output. Minimum residual shrinkage values and very good dimensional stability in length and width as well as a fluffy, soft and voluminous hand are a matter of course.


  • Up to 20% increase in production due to new air-through drying concept
  • Fabric is dewatered and pre-dried before the actual drying and shrinking process takes place using the tumble motion
  • Uniform fabric moisture across the entire fabric width
  • Significant reduction of the exhaust air temperature with simultaneous rapid heating of the fabric, enabling energy savings of up to 15%
  • Highest production output with low space requirements
  • Suitable for all knitted fabrics made from natural fibers such as cotton, viscose and wool, as well as their blends and blends with elastane, polyamide or polyester
  • Depending on the process, also suitable for woven fabrics
  • These fabric qualities are mainly processed into nightwear, polo shirts or sweatshirts

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