POWER-DRY PD1 Relaxation dryer

POWER-DRY PD1 Relaxation dryer

The PD1 high-performance relaxation dryer can dry, relax and shrink knitted fabrics in tubular and open form, as well as woven fabrics, in a short overall length. Residual shrinkage values are reduced to a minimum, giving the fabric excellent dimensional stability in length and width as well as a fluffy, soft and voluminous hand.


  • Very good accessibility as well as short maintenance and cleaning times, e.g. thanks to sliding doors
  • Easy integration of the dryer into a line concept
  • Can also be used as a pre-dryer (e.g. placed in front of or above a stenter)
  • Highest evaporation performance with the smallest overall length (2 m per field)
  • Optimum shrinkage and maximum tumble effect thanks to maximum air speed via special nozzles
  • Three-dimensional fabric structure and soft, voluminous hand thanks to appropriate fabric overfeed and therefore optimum dwell tumble time
  • Controlled overfeed thanks to spring-mounted Teflon apron across the entire working width, overfeed infinitely adjustable up to 50 %
  • Suitable for all knitted fabrics made from natural fibers such as cotton, viscose and wool, as well as their blends and blends with elastane, polyamide or polyester
  • Depending on the process, also suitable for woven fabrics
  • These fabric qualities are mainly processed into nightwear, polo shirts or sweatshirts

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