Pressing & laminating units

Pressing & laminating units

For many Technical Textiles calenders are required for stamping, smoothing and compacting of the textiles or coatings. In addition, nonwovens can be thermally consolidated by means of heated calender cylinders. The units are often provided with an additional unwinding unit in order to allow a use as laminating calender.

BRÜCKNER offers for these purposes various solutions which can be used in-line with a stenter. The units comprise always two pressing rollers between which the fabric web passes under pressure. The rollers can be designed as polished steel rollers and/or with elastomer coating. The calenders can be of horizontal or vertical design depending on the roller arrangement In addition, the calender can be provided with a nip adjustment.

Depending on the desired effect, the roller surface can be polished, matted or a pattern can be engraved. In addition, double-wall roller systems providing the possibility of heating or cooling are available. The pressure is generatred hydraulically or pneumatically via lever systems, depending on the required pressing force. From simple pressing units with a linear pressure of 25 N/mm up to high-capacity textile calenders with more than 250 N/mm are usual. Special provisions have to be made for the roller design in order to compensate the bending due to pressure generation and thermal deformation. Depending on the profile of requirements three different roller types are available:

  • flexible roller with crowing
  • the so-called centre-supported rollers
  • rollers with adjustable pressure
  • Equal pressing force across the complete working width
  • Stable and long-lasting design
  • Suitable for woven fabric, knitted fabric and nonwovens
  • The final products are for example blackouts, micro-porous coatings for functional clothing, military uniforms, outdoor garments with laminated membranes

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