POWER-RELAX relaxation dryer

POWER-RELAX relaxation dryer

The relaxation dryer serves for the drying, relaxing and shrinking of knitted fabric in tubular and open-width form but can be used also for the treatment of woven fabric. Residual shrinkage is reduced to a minimum and the fabric gets a very good dimensional stability across the length and width and a fleecy, soft and voluminous touch. Depending on the customer’s requests and the needed capacity, the dryer is available with one, two or three fabric passages.


  • Optimum shrinkage of the fabric due to the sinusoid, tumble-like relaxation movements of the fabric
  • Smooth, voluminous hand
  • Highest production capacity with minimum energy consumption
  • Additional energy savings up to 35 % are possible (depending on the type of process, fabric and machine configuration)
  • Longer dwell times in the dryer zones due to a maximum of air circulation over the surface and optimum freedom of fabric movement between the transport belts
  • Optimum and reproducible fabric quality thanks to the precise and process-oriented adjustability of the temperatures and air circulation intensity
  • Option: Pre-stentering zone for wet overspreading and pre-relaxation of open-width fabric
  • Option: Automatic lint screen cleaning, moisture control, fabric moisture measurement and machine speed control
  • Suitable for all types of knitted fabric made of natural fibres such as cotton, viscose and wool but also of blends thereof or blends with elastane, polyamide or polyester
  • Depending on the process, the relaxation dryer is also suitable for woven fabrics
  • These types of fabric receive mainly further treatment for nightwear, polo shirts or sweat-shirts

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