POWER-INFRATHERM infrared dryer

POWER-INFRATHERM infrared dryer

The BRÜCKNER infrared radiation dryer has an important part in the dyeing with a continuous dyeing range. The burner elements are made of a special metal fibre material and provide for a high reliability and an absolutely uniform and migration-free dyeing. The controlled fresh air admittance ensures a uniform heat distribution.


  • Uniform dye drying over the length and width of a batch until below the critical migration limit
  • Highest efficiency due to a continuously adjustable control range of 700 - 900°C
  • Steady fabric aspect due to an increased convection portion
  • Crease-free fabric flow due to a self-controlling drive system with measuring and compensating rollers
  • Fully automatic margin disconnection for small working widths (option)
  • High operational reliability due to pressure-controlled combustion air fans with safety filter
  • Tailor-made solutions due to segment structure, 2 - 3 segments in each drying chamber are possible, depending on the required evaporation capacity
  • for all woven fabrics, preferably shirt and trouser fabrics as well as home textiles such as bed linen

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