POWER-FRAME SFP-4 stenter for technical textiles

POWER-FRAME SFP-4 stenter for technical textiles

The stenter is the heart of textile finishing. It develops more and more into a multi-purpose line for the production of technical textiles and other web-shaped materials. Several thousands of BRÜCKNER stenters are in use all around the globe. Every day they are stentering, drying, heat-setting, functionalizing and coating incountable meters of the most different fabric types. Since many decades BRÜCKNER stenters stand for highest quality and performance and are producing sustainably and energy-efficiently.

Depending on your requirements BRÜCKNER offers a multitude of different dryer types. And all imaginable types of fabric transport systems are available.

  • Highest drying performance and process control adapted to any fabric quality due to the technically mature and proven split-flow air circulation system
  • Absolutely homogeneous air flow and temperature distribution due to alternatingly arranged thermo zones
  • Compact and low-maintenance ICE burners
  • Lowest specific energy consumption thanks to improved sealing and insulation, low heat losses
  • Extremely robust and low-maintenance chains, chain rails as well as pin bar carriers and clips
  • Exactly reproducible finishing results because of complete automation and formula administration in the line
  • Available heating types: gas direct, gas indirect, thermal oil, steam, electric indirect and combinations depending on available energy source
  • Easy-to-clean lint screens with lamellas for better lint collection
  • High width tension in the exit due to second width adjusting spindle and very good absorption of longitudinal forces
  • Working widths up to 7 m possible, depending on the area of application
  • Drying, heat-setting, thermo-bonding, functionalizing, coating, gelifying, curing, ...
  • Web-shaped materials such as: knitted fabric and woven fabric, nonwovens, technical textiles, carpets, PVC floor coverings, laminates, films, ...

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