The BRÜCKNER stenter is always used when the nonwovens should have a defined width after the heat treatment process. In addition to a purely width-controlled operation, the lateral forces within the web can also be detected. These values can then be alternatively taken as basis parameter for the width adjustment. The stenter is used for drying, thermofusion, heat-setting and for stretching and curing of nonwovens.

Both, impingement and air-through systems are available as ventilation principles. Furthermore, the stenter is often chosen in coating and finishing lines for nonwovens. Due to the small contact area between web and pins of the stenter chain, the pollution of the web transport system is reduced to a minimum compared with other oven types.

BRÜCKNER POWER-FRAME for the nonwovens sector  
  • Gentle fabric transport
  • Minimal heat requirement due to intelligent air control in the dryer
  • High flow and temperature uniformity
  • High stretching forces in cross direction of up to 9 kN/m are possible (stretching force measurement as an option)
  • Large stretching values in width per meter of chain rail length are possible. This results in a compact design
  • Different temperature settings between the top and bottom side of the web are possible in the DUO-THERM execution
  • Impingement or air-through ventilating systems are available
  • Heat-recovery systems air/air and/or air/water and exhaust air purification systems from the BRÜCKNER modular system portfolio
  • Working widths up to 7000 mm
  • Production speeds up to 200 m/min
  • Available heating types: gas direct, gas indirect, thermal oil, steam, electric indirect and combinations depending on available energy source
  • Max. permissible temperature: up to 210 °C as standard, up to 310 °C for the high-temperature execution
  • Geo-nonwovens
  • Bitumen carrier for roofing membranes
  • Surgical clothing
  • Agriculture nonwovens
  • Needle felt
  • High-temperature filters

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