The POWER-FRAME ECO stenter is an advancement of the Brückner stenter and is designed for all types of fabric allowing the through-flow of air Using the exhaust air heat and two additionally integrated heat-recovery units the fabric is intensively pre-heated and pre-dried when entering the dryer. This is made without consuming additional energy. This means for the customer a higher productivity with reduced energy consumption.


  • Minimum energy consumption due to integrated heat-recovery, air-through zone as well as fresh air and exhaust air management.
  • High accuracy in the temperature distribution due to the proven split-flow air circulation system as well as exact temperature control in each half-zone.
  • Integrated exhaust air and heated fresh air supply
  • Easily maintainable, integrated heat-recovery system on operator level
  • Height of the dryer suitable for easy maintenance and accessible dryer chambers
  • Extremely low-tension fabric transport in case of operation with transport belt
  • A shortest possible fabric paths in the entry area of the line is possible, thus minimization of fabric distortion and elongation
  • Thermal treatment of woven and knitted fabric allowing the through-flow of air
  • Drying processes

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