POWER-COMPACT Compacting calender

POWER-COMPACT Compacting calender

Compacting is the last finishing process after relaxation or drying and has thus decisive importance for the residual shrinking, the hand and the aspect and the shine of the fabric before cutting and make-up.

The POWER-COMPACT compacting calender is characterized by an extremely short fabric path, an optimum traction control and a sophisticated drive technology allowing high production speeds with consistent fabric quality.

Depending on the fabric type and the quality requirements, BRÜCKNER can offer the following compacting solutions:

  1. Two felt belt compactors arranged one behind the other
  2. Rubber belt shrinking unit according to the Sanfor principle
  3. Rubber belt shrinking unit with downstream arranged felt belt compacting calender

In addition, the following units can be integrated into the compacting line:

  • Equalizing frame for the overspreading and width control
  • Straightener (only in combination with equalizing frame)
  • Steamer unit (as steamer roller or steamer box)
  • Edge cutter (knife or scissor type)



  • Minimum residual shrinkage
  • Gentle and uniform compacting for a particularly smooth and voluminous hand
  • Light, silky shining effect on the fabric surface
  • Highest production speeds with consistent fabric quality
  • Adjustable teflon compacting apron
  • Short and tension-controlled fabric path
  • Optimum fabric cooling and stabilization by means of an air-through cooling zone
  • Suitable for all types of knitted fabric made of natural fibres and blends with synthetic fibres

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