POWER-COMPACT-COMBI compacting calender

POWER-COMPACT-COMBI compacting calender

The combined rubber belt - felt belt compactor can be used for the compacting of knitted and partially also of woven fabric. In one working step the articles can be shrunk optimally and they get at the same time a voluminous and smooth hand and a silky shine on the surface.


  • Optimum shrinkage and residual shrinkage
  • Silk-like shine, voluminous and smooth hand
  • Absolutely constant shrinkage due to a new automatic shrinkage control system available as option
  • Thermal treatment of woven and knitted fabric is possible with one line
  • Optionally also available with equalizing frame
  • For woven and knitted fabric, mainly made of cotton typical end products are t-shirts, polo-shirts, sweat-shirts, underwear

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