ECO-COAT minimum application unit

ECO-COAT minimum application unit

The BRÜCKNER ECO-COAT minimum application unit offers the following advantages compared to a traditional padder process: Low-Add-On technology with a fabric moisture of 60 g/m², lower water consumption and thus high energy savings during the subsequent drying processes, low residual liquor (2.5 l per m working width) and thus fewer chemicals which have to be disposed of during a batch change.

Due to the different fabric runs offered by the ECO-COAT, impregnations and precise one-sided Kiss-Roll applications can be applied to the top or bottom side of the fabric web. Functionalizations, such as hydrophobization/hydrophilization or plasticizer application are possible at high production speeds. Furthermore, one-sided ink jet preparations are possible with low energy consumption, especially for fashion and technical applications as well as for one-sided functionalizations with a wide variety of finishing chemicals.

Tests can be carried out at any time on the test plant in the BRÜCKNER Technology Center Leonberg with accompanying consultation by the BRÜCKNER technologists.


  • Low-Add-On technology
  • Low water consumption
  • High energy saving in the subsequent drying processes
  • Low residual liquor
  • Low consumption of chemicals
  • Low quantities to be discharged
  • Print pretreatment for digital printing on woven and knitted fabric
  • Fashion and technical applications (plasticizer application, hydrophobic, hydrophilic, easy-care, stiff finishing, anti-static, anti-mosquito)
    One-sided functionalizations

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