ECO Bestseller

ECO Bestseller

Our ECO Bestseller brings you decisive advantages

The heat-setting process - especially for fabrics with PES/elastane blends - inevitably produces environmentally harmful emissions. You can reduce these as far as possible by using our air/water heat-recovery system in combination with our electrostatic precipitator. Strict environmental regulations can thus be met with relatively little effort.


  • Highly efficient plate-type heat exchangers with nonstick coating
  • Automatic, discontinuous steam cleaning of the heat exchangers during operation of the line
  • Optimum ease of maintenance by manageable heat exchanger modules
  • External cleaning of the heat exchangers in a hot water bath with steam
  • Reserve heat exchangers are used during the cleaning period, therefore almost no dead time
  • High power density, higher than with usual tube-type heat exchangers
  • Two-stage electric filter, respectively with ionization and collector
  • Separation capacity up to 99% for aerosols
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Adjustable ionization and collector voltage
  • Electrostatic precipitator with integrated automatic cleaning unit available
  • Applicable for all stenter types or relaxation dryers with one or two layers
  • The system can be retrofitted, in Brückner machines and in machines of other make

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