Dryers & transport systems

Dryers & transport systems

1. Dryer types

A. Horizontal fabric flow

  • Basic UNIGEL dryer with alternately arranged 3 m thermo zones (with one or several fabric passages) 
  • High-capacity POWER-FRAME dryer with alternately arranged 1.5 m thermo zones
  • DUO-THERM with separately adjustable temperatures for the top and the bottom side of the textile web
  • ETRO for a use in printing and painting lines

B. Vertical fabric flow

  • Very different configurations are possible

C. Vertical dryer

2. Fabric transport systems

A. Floating
B. Support rods
C. Guide rollers
D. Transport belt
E. Stenter

  • with vertically returning gliding chain
  • with horizontally returning roller chain

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