Traditional Indian textile company very satisfied with BRÜCKNER sanforizing range

Morajee Textiles Ltd. a traditional Indian textile company and one of the leading players in the Indian textile industry is very satisfied with their BRÜCKNER Sanfor range.

Morajee Textiles Ltd. has been established as early as 1871 under the name of Morarjee Goculdas Spinning and Weaving Co. Ltd. and is one of the first five companies listed on the Indian stock exchange. After an unparalleled growth and extension Morarjee is now part of the Ashok Piramal Group, a diversified and leading business group in India.  With more than 100 years of experience and modern integrated manufacturing facilities for 100% cotton premium Yarn Dyed Shirting and printed fashion fabric, Morarjee makes cutting edge fashion a reality and is today one of the leading players in the Indian textile industry.

Morarjee counts all the premium international and domestic brands as its customers and supplies its products across the globe.

In 2015 the company bought a BRÜCKNER sanforizing range. The main components of the line are the rubber-belt compressive shrinking range, a felt calender and the cooling cylinders. The company’s Managing Director Mr. Rajendar Kumar Rewari confirms that this BRÜCKNER machine has been the right choice for their very light and thus particularly sensitive fabrics made of 100 % cotton, viscose or crepes for woman dresses and Men’s Shirting fabrics. The compressive shrinking line provides the fabric with a more stable structure, a silk-like shine, a smoother touch. In addition it reduces the residual shrinkage from -10 % to -3 %.

The machine works smoothly and is easy to manage. The control of tension and the software allow to treat very light fabrics without problem or marks. The production speed is between 60 and 70 m/min.  The production team is very satisfied with the machine and they recommend this machine for difficult and sensitive articles.

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