Success and trust – two generations buy BRÜCKNER machines

BRÜCKNER POWER-FRAME stenter – one of the 14 machines supplied to SITIP

The Italian company Societá Italiana Tessuti Indemagliabili Pezzoli – short name SITIP – was founded in the sixties and bought this year their 14th BRÜCKNER stenter. This shows the trustful and successful cooperation with BRÜCKNER since the beginning of the company and effective with confidence since two generations.

BRÜCKNER, today world market leader in the field of dry finishing of textiles and technical textiles as well as special purpose machines, was managed until the 1980ies by Kurt Brückner. SITIP was founded by the end of the sixties by Luigi Pezzoli. Today both companies are directed by the second generation and continue this successful cooperation.

The range of articles produced by SITIP is remarkable: sportswear - mainly for cycling, running, triathlon, climbing, fitness and shapewear; technical textiles - abrasive disks, automotive textile components, medical or hygienic products, fabrics for digital printing or fabrics for mechanical fastening as well as substrate for artificial leather and other coated products treated with special finishing. All products can be finished with antistatic, anti-bacterial, hydrophilic or anti-mould finishing for a large range of applications in sports and leisure time.

Almost everywhere in finishing a BRÜCKNER stenter is involved. SITIP bought in total 14 BRÜCKNER machines over the years, most of them provided with the last generation of heat recovery units. The multi-tube heat-recovery made of heat-resistant steel reduces the time of cleaning and general maintaining works. It is not necessary to remove any machine part for cleaning. As known, exhaust air contains residual oil and fibres. The solid particles of oil, wax and fibres flow through the tubes with high speed, consequently the residual accumulation of dirt in the heat-recovery is low.

The last BRÜCKNER stenters bought by the company have the proven indirect gas heating system. Since 10 years SITIP's focus is the production of polyamide products. Under the management of Giancarlo and Silvana Pezzoli and in narrow cooperation with the SITIP team, the company developed and became world market leader in the growing sector of polyamide articles.

The company is now certified according to UNI En ISO 9001, Oeko Tex, BlueSign and EcoVadis and guarantees the quality of the products throughout the complete production process. The sportswear fabrics are available in their online shop SITIP produces not only in their main plant with administration and production in Cene (Bergamo), but also in Malta.

Some of the 14 machines supplied by BRÜCKNER during the long years of this partnership are suitable for a fabric width of 4200 mm and even 5000 mm. The latest BRÜCKNER stenter with indirect gas heating was commissioned in 2017 and has a transport air table in the entry. Air is blown in and leads to a ballooning effect on the table, guiding the fabric without direct contact from the pin-on point to the dryer inlet. Until recently, this ballooning effect was generated pneumatically but today air is blown in and this reduces the costs clearly.

The machine has a long entry zone with unique spring hinge to adjust a wide width range between feed-in and dryer. The vertical chain is ideal for light and delicate knits or woven fabric with elastane or in open weave structures. The vertical BRÜCKNER chain allows a high overfeed and thus the achievement of a defined weight per m² of the fabric in the exit.

What is your sales and marketing strategy Mrs. Pezzoli (Marketing Director SITIP)?

“We are strongly oriented to market and product innovations as well as to business development. Ongoing innovation goes hand in hand with forward-thinking corporate strategy. Optimization of human resources is the hallmark of SITIP’s work ethic. The corporate cohesive policy values individual talents and skills directing them into professional growth and teamwork. Environmental awareness and responsibility are high on the SITIP agenda in compliance with the strictest international regulations such as Oekotex, Bluesign and ISO 9001. The use of non-polluting chemicals and energy-efficient production facilities are key factors for the health and safety of all our employees.”

Mr. Pezzoli (CEO SITIP), how do you feel about the long partnership with BRÜCKNER and what do you think about the outlook on this growing segment in the future?

“We believe in a long-term partnership with suppliers and customers. Research and development are carried out in direct cooperation with our partners as BRÜCKNER.”

Mr. Cortinovis (Technical Service Director SITIP), please explain about the technical major benefit of the machine and the performance in production.

“The good relationship with BRÜCKNER led to always more cost-efficient technology supporting our sustainability corporate policy. The latest developments in machinery enable a big energy saving for our company and create a non-stop upgrading process between SITIP and BRÜCKNER.”

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