PLUSNET in South Africa designs together with BRÜCKNER a technically sophisticated concept for commercial net products

The PLUSNET team in front of the new BRÜCKNER line

The German textile machinery manufacturer BRÜCKNER and its South African agent Texmate, Johannesburg, commissioned a finishing line for technical textiles at Plusnet in South Africa. Plusnet, which is part of the Master Plastics Group, produces knitted synthetic fabrics for net materials (made of PE and PP) and ropes as well as geotextile fabrics.

The PLUSNET products are mainly used in decorative markets (shop fronts and shaded areas), recreational markets (privacy screens, wind breaks and ground sheets) and civil markets (site screens and car parks). As leading supplier of this type of fabrics PLUSNET has recently installed a state-of-the-art BRÜCKNER heatsetting range in its production plant in Randfontein / South Africa to increase their production capacity further. The requirements for this new line were very special. Due to the fibre types used by PLUSNET, the highest possible temperature accuracy along the length and across the width of the dryer was important. The fabric transport system had to absorb the high cross tensions occuring during the heatsetting process, but assure at the same time a long lifetime and the lowest possible lubrication requirements. Entry and exit of the line had to be designed for very light and distorsion-sensitive fabric.

The proven BRÜCKNER air circulation system as well as the proven smoothly running STAR FORCE fabric transport chain are ideal for this type of application and synonymous with reliability, temperature accuracy and high performance. The intensive cooperation between the BRÜCKNER technologists and the customer’s project team resulted in the development of a line configuration specially adapted to the customer's needs – a challenge during the peak period of the Covid19 pandemic. But thanks to the efforts and experience of the local agent Texmate many requirements could be clarified on site, this was complemented by several video conferences with all parties concerned. Beside the technical features Plusnet had very high expectations on the reduction of the energy consumption, too, as planned power cuts lasting several hours (the so-called "load shedding") are unfortunately common in South Africa.

Regina Brückner, owner of the BRÜCKNER group, explained: "Nowadays it is not easy to meet requirements of customers producing such special products. Fortunately, the Plusnet team is very innovative and fully understood our technology and our way of thinking. We are very pleased that together with Plusnet we were able to project a forward-looking concept with appropriate technology and convince our customer of the productivity of the new line."

In the end, it was the open and intensive cooperation of all parties which contributed essentially to the success of the whole project. Moreover, BRÜCKNER was able to fully meet the high expectations of Plusnet in terms of energy consumption, productivity and easy handling – a long-term and worthwhile investmentent!

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