66 years of success – BRÜCKNER celebrates

with a new market presence and innovative products

On time with ITMA 2015 the new market presence will be introduced in a new and modern design. The homepage as well as all print products have been adapted to the new philosophy. The complete appearance has been re-designed true to the motto “Fascinating textile machinery” with particular attention to the questions of resource efficiency and an even better explanation of the customers’ benefits. BRÜCKNER considers themselves as pioneer for especially energy-efficient machines which offer also considerably more productivity. In addition, the family-owned company company stands out due to the construction of extremely reliable and very individual lines for their customers.

On ITMA 2015 some of the latest developments will be displayed as highlights: above all the very sustainable low-add application unit combining the benefits of as low as possible application quantities and thus less required evaporation power with particularly low liquor volume to prevent unnecessary liquor residues as far as possible. In combination with the new POWER-FRAME ECOLINE dryer which will be also presented, the customers benefit of a clearly reduced energy demand for the finishing process. In addition, BRÜCKNER will show other key products with machine models and end products: for example the Sanfor line for all kinds of woven fabric and combined with a calender also suitable for knitted fabric, the thermosol dyeing and the finishing of functionalised knitted fabric.

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