Continuity in the partnership between BRÜCKNER and TVOE in the Russian market

The “Russky trikotazh” Holding was established in 2002 by Mr. Igor Yushkevich and had at that time four production plants. Their products are today sold under the label “TVOE”, a registered trade mark. The Holding developed actively a retail store chain named “TVOE” comprising today more than 500 stores in Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgystan. TVOE stands for cheerful, fashionable brand name clothing for people full of energy and happiness. 

In 2006 JSC Sharm became a part of the “Russky Trikotazh” group. The high-quality production of the “Sharm” company is defined by the experience of more than 1400 employees and state-of-the-art European machinery. They produce, dye and finish knitted fabric made of cotton and viscose. 

The first BRÜCKNER machines - a stenter and a relaxation dryer - were delivered to Smolensk in 2007. The machines had been chosen in view of quality and high production capacity. But even given the still relatively low energy costs in Russia, energetic and economic efficiency did also play a decisive part when the customer decided in favor of these machines. With this step TVOE came into a position to achieve a very good finishing quality. Above all the uniformity of drying and heat-setting, the hallmark of the BRÜCKNER stenter convinced the customer. 

Another production plant is located in Shuya, a small town in the region of Ivanovo, where a new production site for knitted fabric was established in 2010 based on an old textile factory. 

In a new stage of cooperation between TVOE and BRÜCKNER more machines were sold in 2010 to the factory in Shuya. Beside an 8 compartment POWER-FRAME stenter BRÜCKNER supplied another POWER-RELAX relaxation dryer and a combination of rubber belt compactor and felt belt compactor. This machine, known as POWER-COMPACT COMBI is mainly used for knitted fabric treated with double mercerization. While the rubber belt unit provides for a high shrinkage of the product, the felt belt calender ensures a smooth surface and a good hand of the fabric. 

TVOE is the only textile producer with a fully integrated production in Russia giving a response to the high quantity of importations from China and Turkey. The company produces mainly high-quality knitted fabric made of cotton for every day. There are quality controls in any stage of the production beginning with the selection of yarn to the packing of the end product. 

With their products finished on these machines TVOE could establish themselves successfully as exporter to the European markets. Beyond the usual training of the operators BRÜCKNER organized a training of the team in a well-known finishing factory. With ongoing production, the technological process and the optimization of the machine was explained and trained. 

The last BRÜCKNER machines have been supplied in 2017, a stenter for the factory in Smolensk and a stenter for the factory in Shuya. Currently the machines are being set into operation. When designing these new machines some complements and adaptations have been made compared to the previous machines. The aim is to implement the latest design and marketing trends in the production of TVOE. 

A training and formation package was planned with these supplies, too. A training on site after the commissioning is planned but also further measures either in BRÜCKNER's Technology Center or in a finishing plant with ongoing production. In addition, the TVOE technicians will be trained by BRÜCKNER in view of telediagnostics and telemaintenance. This will allow in future a faster reaction in case of possible failures, shorter standstills and technological support. 

These measures are a part of BRÜCKNER's overall concept: BRÜCKNER is not only a supplier of machines for their customers but also a strong technology and service partner. This is the basis for continuity in the successful partnership between BRÜCKNER and their customers. 

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