BRÜCKNER Sanfor Line supports KLOPMAN’s productivity

KLOPMAN INTERNATIONAL established in 1968 is the European leader for the production and commercialization of fabrics for professional and protective clothing. The company produces in their Frosinone plant, South Italy, on the highest level and with the best quality. In the beginning of this year, KLOPMAN developed together with the German textile machinery producer BRÜCKNER domiciled in Leonberg a concept for the sanforizing of very different articles made of pure cotton, anti-flame treated but also with aramid and modal fibers, and blends with pol-yester and elasthane. KLOPMAN had very high requirements regarding washing stability per-formances and the new sanforizing plant allowed to achieve important improvements both in terms of quality of the products and in the productive performances.

The BRÜCKNER Sanfor Line, which has been set into operation successfully at the beginning of summer 2015 is actually producing with the complete satisfaction of the customer. The special features of this line are two consecutively arranged rubber-belt shrinking machines in front of the felt calender, linked with a perfect tension and shrinking control system along the line. The first rubber-belt permits a first softening effect and a first shrinkage. The fabric arrives at the second rubber-belt with a perfect humidity factor and in the best conditions to become extremely compacted without unaesthetic roughness. The optimal tension control and a moni-toring of the shrinkage over the various steps of the line are necessary to ensure the reproduc-ibility of the final result.

Comparing tests showed that two consecutively in-line arranged shrinking machines lead to clearly better shrinking values which are difficult to achieve with a double passage on a tradi-tional machine. Thanks to the new BRÜCKNER line, KLOPMAN is able to grant his customers an even better quality and an optimum residual shrinkage leading to a softer and more comforta-ble fabric. The machine produces woven fabrics with a weight of 150 to 700 g/m² with speeds up to 100 m/min. The line concept allows optionally also to bypass one of the rubber-belt shrinking machines, making this machine very flexible and suitable for any kind of fabric.

BRÜCKNER Sanfor Line supports KLOPMAN
BRÜCKNER Sanfor Line

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