Brückner invests in new production site

Tittmoning/Bavaria – In September 2016 the building works for the new production site of the German textile machinery producer BRÜCKNER will begin. The company will invest 40 million Euro in total in estate, buildings and machinery. The completion is planned for the end of 2017.

Since 1960 the production site of the German producer of textile machinery BRÜCKNER is located in the Bavarian town Tittmoning. With about 180 employees and workers at this site the company produces every year about 120 machines and lines 95 % of which are exported all around the globe. The main administration of the medium-sized company is with almost 200 employees located in Leonberg near Stuttgart. It includes the divisions Research, Design Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Service, Spare Parts, Material Management, IT as well as Human Resources and Accounting.  In 2004 the production of smaller machine components in Leonberg was completely moved to Tittmoning in order to optimize the order workflow. This change allowed to create a big Technology Centre in Leonberg where customers can test several BRÜCKNER machines and develop their textile products further. 

The requirements for textile machinery and their functions have extremely changed in the last years. As a result the machines and lines are getting larger and more complex, mainly if they are not supplied to the classical garment industry but shall be used for the production of technically challenging end products. One of the consequences is that also the production site of the family-owned enterprise has to grow and reposition itself. Since the extension possibilities of the current site are limited BRÜCKNER made the courageous decision to build a completely new production site at the outskirts of Tittmoning.

In planning the new production site particular importance was attached to the protection of the environment and an especially energy saving building technique. The new building will get an attractive envelope which provides for thermal protection and daylight admission at the same time. With a large photovoltaic system on the roof it is possible to save in addition energy. A large green space around the building will provide for ecological diversity.

The new production halls will offer with approx. 25.000 m² space for about 180 workers and employees. In future it will be possible to produce bigger and heavier components and line parts than until now. This has especially for special purpose machinery or extremely high line clear advantages. Machines with working widths of more than seven meters can be installed without problems, heavy components can be transported more easily. The generous space offers new chances for growth and development at BRÜCKNER. New constructions and line parts can be assembled and intensively tested anytime. Interested customers are welcome to visit the production site and to follow the production progress of their own line.

“In the decision for the new building it was for us very important that all of our workers and employees could continue since our personnel is our major asset and their experience cannot be replaced. For this reason it was never a possibility for us to move our production abroad. We would have lost many valuable workers and this loss we cannot afford and we do not want to since we are responsible for our employees and workers. And we are proud of our quality “Made in Germany” and we rely on it also in future” says owner Regina Brückner. “In addition it was important for us to get a particularly energy-efficient building. Our new production site shall be as efficient and energy-saving as our lines” says Regina Brückner.

The ground-breaking ceremony is planned for September 2016. If everything works out well the company will move by the end of 2017 and will then be able to react even more flexible to their custmers’ wishes. Not only BRÜCKNER but mainly their customers will clearly benefit of this new production site.

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