Brückner at ITMA 2015

Sustainable, effective, with competent advisory service - this is how BRÜCKNER present themselves on ITMA 2015. The technology and world market leader for machinery and line systems in the sector of coating and finishing of textiles, technical textiles, nonwovens and floor coverings, in most cases special solutions according to the customers’ requests, offers advisory competence due to decades of experience, innovative, clever ideas and technologically highly qualified experts. Intensive research and development resulted in many new lines and components for textiles, nonwovens and coated woven and knitted fabric.

Sustainability means for BRÜCKNER the development and production of energy-optimized textile finishing machines, high-quality products and advanced technology “made in Germany”. BRÜCKNER offers new ideas for better products, a detailed and comprehensive requirement analysis and advisory service on the customer’s site to optimize the energy consumption.

The new ECOLINE stenter generation - energy efficiency in the focus
BRÜCKNER presents in Milan for the first time the new ECOLINE machine concept combining in a unique way features which had been separate up to now. The outstanding attributes of the new ECOLINE concept are the air-through zone in the first half-zone and an integrated heat-recovery unit. This allows the saving of thermal energy and production increases. The dryer is provided with the proven alternating and split-flow air circulating system ensuring an optimum temperature distribution. All established heating systems are available (gas direct, gas indirect, thermal oil, steam). Almost any kind of woven and knitted fabric can be treated.

Newly developed BRÜCKNER ECO-COAT minimum application unit
In the field of application technology BRÜCKNER presents a new development for minimum impregnation applications. Functionalization chemicals are applied with a liquor reservoir of only approx. 2.5 l for each m of working width. The reservoir can be used almost completely and no chemicals are wasted or disposed of. Impregnation as well as applications on one or on both sides are possible. Due to the little application quantity the following processes such as drying or curing have to evaporate only a low quantity of water which has clearly positive effects on the energy consumption of the respective dryer.

New BRÜCKNER concept for a double sanfor line
The new machine concept for a double sanfor line developed by BRÜCKNER together with the Italian company KLOPMAN INTERNATIONAL SRL meets the highest requirements regarding production capacity, shrinking values and fabric types to be finished. The special features of this line are two consecutively arranged rubber-belt shrinking machines in front of the felt calender. Due to the first shrinking machine the fabric reaches the second machine already pre-shrunk and with an optimum moisture. In the second step the fabric is extremely shrunk and leaves the line with a perfect hand. This BRÜCKNER development allows the finishing of high-quality articles in one pass with speeds up to 100 m/min.

Gain in productivity due to BRÜCKNER assistance systems
The productivity and energy efficiency of a textile stenter are not only influenced by the technical design of the line but depend also to a high degree on the set process parameters and the know-how of the operators. For this reason BRÜCKNER developed a new software supporting the operator to control the stenter as effectively and energy-saving as possible. The heart of this software is a data base which contains the decades of experience with machine parameters in function of the fabric type to be finished. The really used machine parameters can be compared with desired recipes in order to identify waste, energy saving potentials and dormant capacity reserves over freely selectable periods of time. At the same time, the system monitors the conditions reducing the output and increasing the energy consumption such as soiling and generates suggestions for maintenance. The focus of this new development is to increase the performance further and to minimize the wastage.

Make your existent machines and lines fit for the future!
Beside several innovations and developments we have also for your existent lines many high-tech suggestions for modifications and modernizations. An increase of the production capacity does not necessarily mean for the customer an investment in a new machine. With new lines or modernizations by BRÜCKNER you can count on highest productivity and performance! This is practiced sustainability for the production. It will be a pleasure for us to explain you our concepts and ideas for an energy-saving and sustainable operation or upgrade. Visit us on our booth no. A-101 in hall 10. We are looking forward to meeting you!


Double sanforizing line POWER-SHRINK

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