Values & visions

We are a family-run enterprise oriented on values and we look back on a long tradition which has influenced and inspired us again and again over the years. On this page we want to express what moves us forward and which part we want to take in the textile industry.

Family-run company

Since 1949 our success is based on the direct availability and responsibility of the company owners who are conducting the business in narrow and trustful cooperation with colleagues, customers, suppliers and agents all over the world. This allows prompt decisions and flat hierarchies. We aim at working together with confidence and cooperation and in long-term liaisons with our highly qualified staff members. We trust in the performance, creativity and personal responsibility of each individual and involve our colleagues deliberately in decision and innovation processes.

Orientation towards the customer
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Our thoughts and action aim at the needs, requirements and desires of our customers. A maximal orientation towards the customer is achieved with suitable structures and processes and the use of corresponding technological and individual solutions. The quality of our service is reflected in the optimal training and counselling for our customers. We re-invest a great part of our results in the development of new products in order to be and remain technically and technologically the leader.

Quality „made in Germany“

We develop, design and produce our machines and lines exclusively in Germany and use only products which correspond to the German standards. The high-grade training of young men and women, completed by the expert technological knowledge of our complete team ensures the best quality of our lines and services. A constant transfer of knowledge between younger and more experienced staff members as well as continuing training and qualification contribute to the continual improvement of our products and structures.


We feel committed to the world as a whole in view of environment and development for today’s and future generations and we translate this into reality by sustainable economic action, a reduction of the consumption of resources and the production of intelligent and energy-efficient lines. Since 2011 we are therefore engaged in the VDMA (German Engineering Federation) sustainability initiative Blue Competence and our corporate policy is oriented to the sustainability principles of the VDMA.

Working together
With a click on the photograph you can see our film about the vit@work project.

Working together with success and keeping well and fit in this process, is our highest good. We have established an internal health management system but we go beyond: We strive at working together in a way that servces the well-being of the persons who work with us and which is characterized by acceptance, respect and appreciation. This process has been started by our vit@work project and is fostered and carried on by out vit@work team. Already in 2012 this project has been awarded with the Demographie Excellenz Award.

Our aim is a work atmosphere preparing the ground for individual and company-wide creativity, the preparedness for and the joy about innovation and change but which contributes at the same time to give each member of our team a feeling of security and well-being.

Social commitment

The preservation of our virtues such as fairness towards ourselves and others, respect for culture and origin, flexibility, open-mindedness and authenticity are our highest priority. We support regularly social and cultural institutions with donations and cultivate a well-balanced corporate policy in accordance with the needs of society.