Our line has been developed and set into production together with BRÜCKNER, from the first idea to the commissioning and to the regular aftersales support. We produce in 3 shifts woven fabric coated with elastomers for very different purposes. The line operates at full capacity and allows us not only a significant quality leap but in addition a clear increase of efficiency. This motivates our employees and strengthens our position in the market. We are very satisfied with our cooperation with BRÜCKNER.

Kirsten Schmaler, CEO PolymerTechnik Ortrand GmbH, Germany

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Photo from left to right: Ronaldo Huber (MAPEKO), Esteban Scigliano (TEXCOM) and Rodrigo Huber (MAPEKO) in front of one of the two new BRÜCKNER POWER-FRAME stenters

TEXCOM invests in state-of-the-art BRÜCKNER POWER-FRAME stenter

TEXCOM purchases the 5th BRÜCKNER line and continues the successful cooperation with BRÜCKNER since 1979.

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