Our BRÜCKNER stenter continues to work to our complete satisfaction and - after 17 years now - looks almost like new. Among other things, this is also thanks to the Brückner company, which provides fast and competent help in an emergency by remote or, if necessary, on site.

Horst Stadler, Production Manager & Authorized Representative of Fahnen-Gärtner GmbH in Mittersill, Austria

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The project team of BRUECKNER and HEATHCOAT at BRUECKNER's Technology Center in Leonberg

HEATHCOAT FABRICS – the journey continues

HEATHCOAT FABRICS partnered again with BRÜCKNER Textile Technologies / Germany and their sales partner ADVANCED DYEING SOLUTIONS to install a state of the art BRÜCKNER finishing line for industrial textiles.

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We develop, design and produce exclusively in Germany and use only products which do correspond to the German standards.